We can cater your events anytime, anywhere. You can pick up or we can bring the party to you. Choose your meats, choose your sides, choose your heat and any extras you may desire. Call for details - 912-634-5168.

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Chicken lovers

Choose between chicken tenders, MotherCluckers or Bone-in Chicken (Fried or Oven Roasted). Don’t forget to choose your heat!

$11 gets you a meat + 2 sides

$12 gets you a meat + 3 sides

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Add catfish, shrimp or more types of chicken to your order to spice things up. Choose between 4 oz of catfish pieces per person, 1/4 pound of shrimp per head or another type of chicken!.

$14 gets you meats + 2 sides

$15 gets you meats + 3 sides



There is nothing better than a choosing all three. Choose between fried or grilled shrimp, fresh catfish and chicken for a tasty spread.

$20 gets you 3 meat + 2 sides

$21 gets you 3 meat + 3 sides